The Tradition

Bill and Mary Kempffer broke ground on Deep River shooting range in 1988 with a vision for creating a sacred space for outdoorsmen and women to celebrate nature, sportsmanship, tradition, and the value of meaningful relationships. Designed to highlight unique environmental features within a naturally scenic setting, Deep River offers outstanding shooting opportunities while preserving some of the finest land North Carolina has to offer. The Southern Side by Side Championship & Exhibition began in 2000, and at the request of many enthusiastic shooters, the Fall Classic was born in 2007. It was relocated to Backwoods Quail Club in 2008 to meet the demand of different great venues for shooters to compete and connect.

Bruce Buck of Shooting Sportsman Magazine wrote an excellent article on just what the Southern Side by Side is all about! Click on the logo below!

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Photo courtesy of Randy Lawrence / The Double Gun Journal

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Southern SxS 2021 Dates

Thurs., Apr. 22 - Sun., Apr. 25

Deep River Sporting Clays,

Sanford, NC

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